Bianchi T-Tronik T Type Pro Deore 10sp

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T-Tronik T Type PRO is part of Bianchi´s new generation of pedal-assist, city-smart e-bikes. Incorporating the latest battery technology, it makes movement through cities and any weekend rides as easy as flicking a switch.

Pedalling assistance is provided by the Shimano E7000 Motor Unit, fine-tuned with a mountain bike specific setup to optimise your bike for rough and off-road riding. The 250 W motor is powered by 522 Wh battery and has Eco, Trail, Boost assistance levels at its disposal, meaning no steep incline or long, lung-busting drag will be able to get the better of you. 

A heads-up display allows you to keep track of all your important metrics, like speed, power and battery levels, and also flick through your power assist levels.  Keeping track of your power outputs, from both yourself and the motor below, will help you judge your efforts based on the trail ahead, allowing you to choose when to hold back and when to send it. The T-Tronik Sport aluminum frame is perfect for the rough and tumble nature of off-road riding.

All of the cables are internally routed, helping to protect them from all the kicked-up mud and grime – not to mention it also makes the bike look incredibly neat and tidy.

Be unstoppable with Bianchi's new e-MTB T-tronik Sport!


Central motor unit 250 W, 60 Nm

522 Wh down tube integrated custom battery

Torque, speed and cadence sensors

LCD display

Levels of assistance: Eco, Trail, BoostWalk assist
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