Bianchi e-Vertic FX Type PRO SX Eagle 12sp MTB e-bike

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About this product

BIANCHI FX-Type Pro represents the definition of the e-Vertic model family. It sets the pace both in the menu and in the field. It's exactly what an electric mountain bike should be – fast, fun and playful.

The Bianchi E-Vertic FX-Type Pro is an enduro MTB with 160 mm travel built on a carbon frame, with which you can face all types of tracks - from easy blue to demanding black ones. So that your passion doesn't run into any limits.

Bianchi designers were based on the need to design a stiff carbon fiber frame that would cope with the maximum transmission of rider and engine power even in technical sections. From this request arose the idea of "closing" the front part of the frame triangle with another link, the design of which is inspired by the work "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. The result provides even greater stiffness for the best possible driving characteristics both uphill and downhill.

The varnish creates a contrast of brushed dark green color with an anthracite base. This combination allows the frame profile to stand out as much as possible.

The battery with a huge capacity of 750 Wh is placed as close as possible to the center, thanks to which the most optimal driving characteristics that you require in enduro are achieved. The harbinger of the new e-MTB era is the use of the newest Bosh CX Smart motor system with a torque of 85 Nm. With the new e-Vertic FX-Type Pro, you can travel up to 155 km on a single charge.

The geometry of the e-Vertic FX-Type Pro is truly modern - the low head angle, progressive geometry and short rear end guarantee smooth passage even in difficult terrain. The specific shape of the rear structure allows you to focus on the most ideal passage of even the most brutal sections of each trail without worrying about the rear struts of the beautiful carbon frame.

All components are designed to make the Bianchi e-Vertic FX-Type stable and playful at the same time, exactly in line with the requirements of modern enduro.

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