Bianchi e-SUV Adventure GX Eagle 1x12sp

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About this product

Bianchi Lif-e, the new world of Bianchi Electric Intelligence, presents e-SUV: the new generation of e-bikes designed with user interaction in mind. E-SUV stands for electric sports utility vehicle. It's about going anywhere, following your spirit of adventure.

 It's the bike that embodies the Bianchi Lif-E program of electric intelligence.

Create new design and functionality for the best e-mobility

Improve the e-riding experience through human-machine interface

Support the cyclist to ride with style and safety


The design of the Bianchi e-SUV is highly innovative. The full carbon frame shows edgy shaped triangles, inspired by the Dolomites to create a connection between nature and technology. 


Integrated motor unit and battery

Integrated handlebar

Integrated lights (front and rear)


Attention to rider´s safety and well-being is key to the Bianchi Lif-e project. With this in mind we have designed the new e-SUV with integrated front, side and rear led lights. Lights are designed in cooperation with SPANNINGA.


The handlebar is designed as a single lightweight carbon element with integrated cable system. The design of the handlebar can be completed with an extension that features additional controls such as GPS and battery level. 


Prevent chainstay damages

Decrease the noise from the chain hitting the frame



The Bianchi SUV features a 720 Wh fully integrated battery. The battery cover features a unique cooling system inspired by the self ventilated facade in modern architecture. It Works as a forced air vertical duct that prevents the engine and the battery from overheating. An intake allows the fresh air to enter from the top. The fresh air flows through an internal duct above the battery and escapes from the bottom. This flow Works as a vacuum system reduces the heat of both the battery and the motor. 


Lightweight motor unit 250 W, 85 Nm (only 2,6 kg)

720 Wh down tube integrated custom battery

Support up to 25 km/h

Torque, speed and cadence sensors

LCD display

3 levels of assistance: ECO, TRAIL and BOOST

Walk assist - Support when pushing your bike and walking (4km/h in any gear)

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