Bianchi e-Omnia FX Type GX Eagle 1×12

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About this product

„Omnia“ means „everything“ and therefore there is an E-Omnia for every type of rider.

E-Omnia is the next step in Bianchi’s electric revolution. What started with the E-SUV, Bianchi’s flagship electric model, now extends to a range of performance aluminium bikes for all. Bianchi has created a new e-bike platform that meets the needs of every type of rider – from travellers and tourists, through urban commuters to experienced mountain bikers. Therefore Bianchi has created three different worlds within the E-Omnia platform: City, Tourer and MTB.

The E-Omnia platform harnesses pioneering technologies and functions to improve the user’s experience. Gravity casting of aluminium frame allows better reactivity, improved power transfer and it also makes for a better looking frame. Integrated lights placed at the front, back and sides are also E-Omnia key features. At 40 lux they offer 100 metres visibility range and 500 metres visibility to others. The most advanced motor units are available to reduce stress and make long rides more fun. 

E-Omnia  FX Type is the most capable MTB model in the E-Omnia platform. It is designed for expert riders who love to shred trails and seek out fun on two wheels.

The full-suspension frame, front suspension with 150 millimetres of travel and 29-inch wheels, make the FX Type perfect for challenging adventures. The asymmetrical swing arm prevents chain stay damage and any annoying noises that may happen when the chain hits the frame. Rider safety is enhanced by E-Omnia’s characteristic features as integrated lights and mudguards, so you are able to handle muddy trail conditions.

The Bosch Performance Line CX Motor unit with 250 W and 85 Nm of torque is a powerful motor for challenging riding. Its four assistance levels, Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo, cater for a wide range of riding styles. 

Bosch Performance Line CX Motor unit with 250 W and 85 Nm of torque

Battery 500 Wh

4 assistance levels: Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo

Integrated lights (40 Lux)

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